Revolutionizing how women nourish themselves (& create vibrant wellness/lives)

The paradox of WDWN female in NAD – two decades med trans, primarily obgyn (when fam practice, predominance of women, seek out dr for “vague” for A&D, for stress, greater % pain/AI/hormone, etc) – open with WDWN in NAD – subjective of “patient complains of…” and exam continues with WT, BP, other objects that contradict NAD + women present stoic, I’m fine.

The MAP is the definitive total body detox plus long term maintenance modality that equips you with everything you need to finally make peace with your body and permanently ditch the diet rollercoaster, weigh what you want, increase your energy, balance your hormones, and eliminate anxiety, body pain, and digestive distress all without counting calories, fat grams or carbs, without needing to buy special foods or equipment, and without (perfect, skip favorites)

If I could show you how to focus on one specific thing that would allow your body to completely self-correct and return to wellness, and maintain it, is that something you’d want to know about? 

The science plus psychology total body reset for vibrant wellness – gut repair + heart rescue + brain reboot = GoodGutRx, the microbiome action plan

This isn’t just theory to me, it’s personal. I take my own advice, and when my life has gotten off track it’s the same information I use to get back on track. It’s the information and advice I give my daughters for themselves and their families.